Health & Wellness Services

Our community faces a number of issues that place us greater risk for untreated illnesses such as depression, anxiety and alcohol and drug abuse which is why it is so important that you are comfortable with your care providers. At Living Out Loud, our professional staff are LGBTQI-knowledgeable and experienced in providing culturally relevant care to individuals. 

Integrated Care

Our health and wellness approach focuses on mind-body-spirit connections. Integrated care means that alongside our treatment for substance abuse, anxiety depression and other mental illnesses, we can now help you with common illnesses and injuries, physicals and screenings, and chronic health conditions. We've gathered a team of primary care providers, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, medical assistants, case managers and peer support specialists to work as a single team in one location. If you see a primary care provider outside of Living Out Loud, we can still work with you to communicate with them to meet your treatment needs.

We also offer psychiatric assessments to gather information that will help us make a diagnosis, develop a treatment plan and prescribe medications (if necessary and desired).  Our psychiatric medical providers will help you learn about any symptoms you may be experiencing, monitor the effectiveness of medications, discuss potential side effects and adjust medications if they are not working as they should be. 

Our psychiatric medical providers also work closely with your Primary Care Provider, looking at the whole you – mind and body – to monitor how your medications or symptoms are impacting your physical health.   

Primary Care

Our primary care providers assess, diagnose and treat a variety of health conditions with an added emphasis on disease prevention and symptom management. As part of our integrated team, they provide high-quality, compassionate health care to help you and your family achieve optimal health and wellness.

Primary care is available with select insurance plans.

Mental and Behavioral Health Care

Our team wants to work with the whole you — mind, body and spirit — to empower you to reach your health goals. Whether you are coming out, coping with self-esteem or relationship issues, trying to stop drinking or using drugs, grieving the loss of a loved one, or managing a serious mental illness, our highly skilled and trained staff will provide LGBTQI-sensitive care that is meant to support and empower you along the way.

Our psychiatric team works with you to gather information that will help make a diagnosis, develop a treatment plan with you, and prescribe medications (if necessary and desired). Our psychiatric medical providers will help you learn about any symptoms you may be experiencing, monitor the effectiveness of medications, discuss potential side effects and adjust medications if they are not working as they should be.

Gender-Confirmation Services

Our staff can help guide you through the transition process, including:

  • Coordinating with your healthcare providers
  • Helping you to make informed decisions
  • Connecting you with social supports

We recognize the unique and individual nature of transitions and gender confirmation. As such, we follow the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care for gender confirmation services, including the informed consent model of care. Click here for more information.


Everyone has their own idea of what wellness is and how to achieve it. Living Out Loud views wellness as multidimensional and holistic. We have several dimensions of wellness, including emotional, intellectual, environmental, financial, occupational, physical, social and spiritual. Wellness goals are numerous and change as we change. Our staff are trained in working with individuals to identify their unique and evolving wellness plan. Services might include yoga, smoking cessation, walking, social support groups, health and nutrition counseling and more.


Recovery is defined by you. Some people may want to recover from substance use and others might need support recovering from a mental illness. Whether you need support for reducing the amount of drugs you use or if you want to maintain sobriety, our staff acknowledge the strength it takes to make a positive change in your life and will support you, without judgment. Services include:

  • Referrals for Medication Assisted Addiction Treatment (MAAT)
  • Individual and group harm-reduction services
  • Support groups
  • Individualized treatment planning that includes your unique stage of recovery


Educational and Vocational Support

It is our mission for members to live healthy, productive, and caring lives - positively contributing to the community. One of the most important ways in which you can be empowered in your recovery is to develop skills for employment, education and independent living. Through CODAC's Employment Skills and Development Center, you can do just that. We provide drop in spaces where you can practice and reach your professional goals.