Coming Out

​Should I come out?

Coming out is entirely your decision –something that you should do on your own timeline and when you are ready. You can choose who you want to tell or if you want to tell anyone at all. A lot is dependent on your situation and how safe you feel coming out. You do not have to tell anyone if you feel unsafe. There is no timeline nor a right or wrong way to do so. Coming out is about you and your identity, and can be done when you feel comfortable, ready, and safe.

Who should I come out to first?

If you feel comfortable and safe, then confiding in family or friends may help you find additional support around your identity, and alleviate any stress or pressure you may feel by keeping it to yourself.

Options for coming out

There are many different ways to come out. You should come out in a way that works best for you. You can choose to come out in person or maybe in writing. You may want to practice what you are going to say to someone first in order to practice your reactions. You might also want to be prepared for any questions that someone may ask you.

What should I do before coming out to someone?

Practicing what you are going to say will be useful. This can help you on how to respond to people’s reactions, and how you want to respond to any possible questions. Have a list of responses to any negative reactions that you may receive. Make sure that if you feel unsafe in the situation at any time that you are able to leave. Your safety is the top priority.  A timeline for who you want to come out to and when is useful to guide you in your coming out process.

How can I connect with others?

You may find it helpful to meet and spend time with others that identify the same way you do. Locate a local support group to find peers that are in need of similar support.

What should I do if I’m outed?

Being outed means that you might be in a situation where someone else has disclosed your transgender identity without your consent. You may want to inform the individual of your right to privacy and that you are not okay with them disclosing your identity to other people.

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